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Surrenden Area 

In February 2022, Controlled Parking Zone 10, the 'light touch zone' that we voted for in 2020 was finally implemented. 

We're updating this website to reflect the designation and implementation work that has been done.

The good news:

  • The scheme is now in force

  • Initial surveys of the area suggest that nearly all of the long term, fleet and commuter parking that used to happen here has stopped

  • Enforcement action has been taken against abandoned and uninsured vehicles

  • Parking attendants are patrolling the area

  • Most streets in the area now appear to have a good choice of vacant bays available for residents

  • Look here to see recent pictures of our streets post implementation

The bad news:

  • The Council did not address a number of SAPC requests

  • Driveways were marked with double yellow lines, an approach that many community members had requested should not happen

  • Action was not taken to improve road safety by changing some parking layouts

  • The permit roll-out was late and confused

If you want to see what we asked for after our community consultation in 2020 and how it compares with what has been implemented our report and recommendations to the Council can be seen here, and some pictures of our streets taken on implementation day can be seen here. There were always going to be differences.  Not everyone was going to be pleased with all of the final design.  We campaigned to get the best scheme we could get.

But what do you think? Does Zone 10 deliver for you? Post on our Facebook page and tell us what you think.

Issues that we recommended the Council to take action on can be followed up here (see here for our article). We supported the Council's scheme in the 2020 consultations, but asked for various design issues to be addressed.  You can download our report and recommendations​ to the Council here, together with a draft policy on the issue of residents permits to premises with garages and drives that are shared or are too small for modern cars.

Drawing all of this together however, the zone has finally been implemented. It has taken a long time but thanks are due to the Councillors and Council Officers who did the work.


On 7 February 2022 parking controls in the Surrenden Area (Zone 10) were turned on.

See what our streets looked like on Day 1

Zone 10 Map & Information... 
See them here.



The Roads Gallery

Click here to see our gallery of photos of bad parking before Zone 10 was designated and the situation now the Zone is in place

Future-proof your street: why we said 

Think of 2030
Vote YES in 2020

Click here to see our review of future parking issues and trends.

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Welcome to the Campaign

SAPC is a community campaign now representing 26 streets in the Surrenden Area of Brighton.  

Brighton & Hove City Council consulted residents about an area-wide parking scheme in 2015. There was a narrow majority in favour but a low turnout. The scheme as a whole did not go ahead.  

Since 2015, new parking schemes have been implemented surrounding the Surrenden Area and elsewhere in the city. These diverted lots of non-resident parking to the Surrenden area and our parking problems got worse. In 2017, individuals and community groups repres-enting many local streets met to respond to concerns that the Council did not appear to want to prioritise the area for action to solve its parking issues. The SAPC was set up as an umbrella body to carry the request for new controls forward.

In 2020, increasing concerns about health, air quality, climate change and sustainability drove councils everywhere to measures to limit car use in city centres.  There was a proposal to make central Brighton car-free by 2023. So action was urgently needed to make sure that our streets did not become the city's accidental free car park...

The Council consulted us twice in 2020, and the ETS Committee voted unanimously to prepare a parking scheme 
The consultation results on both occasions clearly supported a residents' parking scheme.  After a slowdown due to Covid in 2021, the autumn saw scheme works on our streets and the new controls came into effect in February 2022.

We hope that the new controls please most of us, most of the time. Let us know how you think things are going. Use our Facebook page or Contact Us using the form at the foot of this page. 

SAPC volunteers did everything... 
We made banners for Council meetings and filled the public gallery.  We wrote leaflets, designed, printed and distributed them. Supporters had conversations with their neighbours.  Thank you to all who worked hard to make parking an important issue for the Council to address.

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We know the website became in bit stale in the last months of the Council's work to implement Parking Zone 10. We're working on it now to ensure that content is up-to-date. Most of that work has been done for content other than the Facts and FAQs, where there's a fair bit of historical information about the campaign for parking controls that will take time to edit. Bear with us...  In the meantime, if there is content that you would like us to add, amend or remove, please contact us.


On 7 February 2022 a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) providing for a light touch parking scheme across the whole Surrenden area came into effect.  Parking controls that we have campaigned for since 2017 are now in force as Parking Zone 10.


Ward Councillors
The great majority of the Surrenden Area is currently represented by 3 Green Councillors for Withdean Ward. Preston Park Ward is also represented by 3 Green Councillors.

  • Withdean representatives are:

    • Cllr Steve Davis (Green)

    • Cllr Jamie Lloyd (Green) 

    • Cllr​ Sarah Nield (Green)

  • Preston Park is represented by:

    • Cllr Amy Heley (Green)

    • Cllr Siriol Hugh-Jones (Green)

    • Cllr Leo Littman (Green)

  • You can contact our Withdean representatives and the leadership team for the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee here.

  • SAPC is a non-political campaign, committed to working with elected representatives of all parties. 

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Public Comments

The parking issue is not caused by residents but by commuters and people using Preston Park railway station - often to go on holiday from Gatwick Airport. It is also used by people using Preston Park who do not want to pay for parking in the park and others in zonal areas who don't want to purchase permits...

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