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Following the 2020 parking scheme consultation for the Surrenden Area, the Council are now consulting us again on the design of a Light Touch parking scheme... Don't forget to vote by the end of 14 August!

We asked the community what we thought about the Council's proposal.  Over 100 people responded and we have now published our report and recommendations to the Council, based on the community's views. Please read the report. Refer to the issues in your response to the Council, and write to your ward Councillors. Let's get the best scheme we can get.

Click here to find out more about the Council's consultation proposals. The Council is seeking views.  It's consultation  closes on 14 August.2020. There are a number of issues that we are recommending that they need to take action on (see here for our article). We suggest voting in favour of the scheme, but making clear that these important design issues need to be addressed.  You can download our report and recommendations​ to the Council here, together with a draft policy on the issue of residents permits to premises with garages and drives that are shared or are too small for modern cars.

We also remind the Council: in the last consultation, nearly 70% of us voted for a parking scheme.  The Councillors on the Environment , Transport and Sustainability Committee voted unanimously to call for a scheme to be prepared. Whatever peoples' views are on this particular draft scheme, support for the principle of a parking scheme is clear and overwhelming.

SACP recommendations sent to the Council. Read them here.  A big thank you to everyone who responded to our survey.

The Council is consulting us again on a scheme design. Views are sought by 14 August 2020.

ETS Committee Agrees Principle of Parking Scheme

By unanimous vote at 9pm on 23 June. 

Consultation Report released
The report will now be considered on 23 June at a virtual committee meeting.

Coronavirus Update
Stay safe and look after your neighbours

Varndean College Travel Plan 'not green enough' say SAPC
Read the plan and comment to the Council by 25 March.

Car-free Brighton in 2023? Please don't turn Surrenden into an accidental car-park



Welcome to the Campaign

SAPC is a community campaign now representing 26 streets in the Surrenden Area of Brighton. Until our parking scheme is implemented, we remain one of the last inner urban areas in Brighton without residents' parking permits. 

Brighton & Hove City Council consulted residents about an area-wide parking scheme in 2015. There was a narrow majority in favour but a low turnout. The scheme as a whole did not go ahead.  

Since 2015, new parking schemes have been implemented surrounding the Surrenden Area and elsewhere in the city. These have diverted lots of non-resident parking to the Surrenden area and our parking problems have got worse.


In 2020, increasing concerns about air quality, health, climate change and sustainability are driving councils everywhere to ever more radical measures to limit car use in city centres.  There is a live proposal to make central Brighton car-free by 2023. But if that were to happen without controls over parking in areas like ours with excellent public transport and within walking distance of the city centre, Surrenden could become Brighton's free car park. That would have been a poor outcome for the sustainability of the city and for us, the local residents. However...

The Council has consulted us and the ETS Committee has now voted unanimously to prepare a parking scheme 
The consultation results clearly supported a residents' parking scheme. But a positive outcome for the area still relies on the Council developing a sensible plan and getting that plan delivered

It increasingly looks like 2020 will be the year that parking issues in the Surrenden Area begin to get fixed... but we need the Council to follow through with a detailed design

SAPC volunteers do everything... 
We need banners for Council meetings.  We need leaflets designing, printing and distributing.  We need supporters to have conversations with their neighbours.  Register here to become a SAPC Supporter and tell us how you want to help.

Future-proof your street: why we said 

Think of 2030
Vote YES in 2020

Click here to see our review of future parking issues and trends.

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A 'Light Touch' scheme design has now bee prepared and the Council want our views by 14 August 2020. SAPC say that there are number of issues where more information could improve the scheme - see our article here.  We'll update this website as we discuss these with the Council. We suggest holding back on your vote until early August until we know the answers to some important questions.  

You can see the Council's consultation paper here. If you are voting, remember, once again there is only one response per household sought by the Council.

Let the SAPC know what you think.  Our survey closes on 31 July 2020 and will take just 5 minutes to complete.  You can access it online here.


Nearly 70% of the local community support a parking scheme, and just over 60% say this should be light touch.  The Council's Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee voted unanimously to call for a scheme to be prepared.


Given current government advice SAPC will not be holding any public events or meetings until further notice.  The campaign core group wishes good health to all members of the local community and suggests that we all look out for those in vulnerable groups who may need help.  Anticipated timings for actions by the Council are also likely to change.  We will update you when we hear of changes.


The consultation closed on 17 February 2020.  Although the original proposal was that they would be reported to the Council's Environment Transport and Sustainability (ETS) Committee on 17 March 2020, the latest advice from the Council is that it has been deferred to the ETS Committee on 5 May 2020. As soon as the results are announced we will post them here.


A draft travel plan needs to be approved by the Council on 26 March 2020. We've reviewed the draft and say that it does not do enough to reduce car trips or manage parking demand by students or staff on local streets. And the plan has completely ignored the recent parking consultation so could be out of date before it even starts. View the plan, our response to it and comment to the Council.


The Surrenden Area Parking Campaign response to the Car Free City Proposals has been covered in Brighton & Hove News, reminding everyone that 17 February is the last day of the Council's consultation period.  


Following a unanimous vote, the Council is now giving serious consideration to making central Brighton 'car free' in 2023. This is an ambitious scheme that raises the possibility of significant benefits, but in respect of which a careful technical evaluation is required.  What is clear however is, if such a policy were to be approved, residential streets without parking controls within walking distance or with good public transport links to the city centre would be likely become the primary target location for parking by visitors to the city.  

We say to the City Council: be ambitious but effective.  Carry out a proper city wide traffic and parking study to inform the design of your proposals. Don't dump your parking problems in residential streets as a quick fix. 

We say to Surrenden Area residents: this is another example of how rapidly the pressures for non-residents to park in our area could rise. We have got a chance to safeguard our streets in 2020.  Vote for a parking scheme now and avoid becoming an unplanned car park in 2023!

For more information see the Argus. To get a sense that this is just one of many similar proposals for England's cities and represents an emerging policy trend, see the Guardian.

Brighton and Hove City Council consulted Surrenden Area Residents about a possible parking scheme.

Click here to access the consultation letter.

Click here to access the SAPC FAQs.

Click here to access background information on the Council's website.

Click here to access the questionnaire.

From Monday, January 6th, local residents started to receive hard copies of the consultation letter. They were asked to respond to three questions:


  • is a residents parking scheme required;

  • what type of scheme (full scheme or light touch) is preferred; and

  • the hours of operation? 

The FAQs on this website provide useful information about the types of scheme and hours of operation. Responses to the Council's consultation were able to be submitted in writing or via an on-line questionnaire.

Submit Only One Form: Others Will Not Be Counted!


A number of residents emailed us during the consultation to say that because there were no limitations on the number of times that the online form can be completed, they had completed it more than once, or had sent in a paper and an online form 'to be on the safe side'.  We advised strongly during the consultation that respondents should not do this.  Council Officers advised us that they will only count one response per eligible household.  If a household submitted several responses that all say the same thing, then no great harm is done: the Council told us that your household response will be recorded as one vote. However, if there are several responses that say different things, no response will be counted.  If there are two or more responses where the responses differ, the Council advised us that they will remove them both/ all because they don’t know the intention of the household. The only safe way to respond was to discuss your vote as a household, and make sure that all of your family's or housemate's views are taken into account in just one response. 


SAPC remains concerned that, despite several requests, the Council did not place this advice on its own consultation website at any point during the consultation period. We have asked for assurances that respondents who did not respond correctly in good faith will not be disadvantaged.

The consultation closed on 17 February 2020.


The results were to have been presented to the ETS Committee on Tuesday, 17 March 2020, but we understand that this report has now been deferred to 5 May 2020. If the results are in favour of a residents parking scheme, the Council officers will begin a detailed design phase.  This will also be submitted to the local residents in a further consultation exercise, which will take place in the summer of this year.



  • Local Election Results: Ward Councillors
    On 2 May 2019, Brighton and Hove went to the polls in local elections. The results led to a significant shift in the Surrenden Area, which is now represented by 3 Green Councillors for Withdean Ward. Preston Park Ward on our doorstep is also represented by 3 Green Councillors.

  • Our Withdean representatives are:

    • Cllr Steve Davis (Green)

    • Cllr Jamie Lloyd (Green) 

    • Cllr​ Sarah Nield (Green)

  • Preston Park is represented by:

    • Cllr Amy Heley (Green)

    • Cllr Siriol Hugh-Jones (Green)

    • Cllr Leo Littman (Green) (re-elected)

  • You can contact our Withdean representatives and the leadership team for the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee here.

  • SAPC is a non-political campaign, committed to working with elected representatives of all parties. We have written to our newly elected Councillors and they have agreed to meet. We said in our letter that good parking solutions are important to our community in terms of road safety, access to education, the quality of our local environment and quality of life. They agree... so here's hoping we can build some practical solutions together.

  • Use our revised letter template file to write to members of the ETS committee that makes decisions about roads and parking. More details here...

  • Please Tweet and post on Facebook as often as you can.  Councillors monitor social media. If you are new to social media or need some help, click here to download our Social Media Guide.

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The parking issue is not caused by residents but by commuters and people using Preston Park railway station - often to go on holiday from Gatwick Airport. It is also used by people using Preston Park who do not want to pay for parking in the park and others in zonal areas who don't want to purchase permits...

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