20 good reasons why the ETS Committee voted yes on 23 June...

Councillors at the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee on 23 June considered and unanimously supported a Report (Agenda Item 11, Page 177) recommending that a detailed scheme should be prepared. There's a compelling case for better parking controls in the Surrenden Area. Here are 20 of them...

  1. Safer roads for kids... Let's encourage walking and reduce the risk to kids crossing roads between high-sided vehicles on their way to school. 

  2. Better roads for bikes... Let's encourage cycling and make sure that cyclists' views of the road are clearer, especially at junctions.

  3. Better crossings for elderly and disabled people... Let's stop inconsiderate parkers blocking the ramps and crossovers.

  4. Reduced traffic congestion... Let's reduce the queues of cars and vans cruising the streets hunting for that elusive parking spot.

  5. Better public transport... We've already lost the 56 bus route through the Friars because it was regularly blocked by badly parked cars. The 5 and the 5B drivers struggle with the chicane on Surrenden Road. Let's all get to work, shop and school on time, on buses that stay on time, serving our community.

  6. Better public health... Cars hunting for parking spaces spew unnecessary emissions into the air: oxides of nitrogen and small particulates have unpleasant health effects. Let's reduce the necessary emissions. And whilst we're at it, let's stop trucks full of grossly polluted dusty building waste being parked without covers for weeks next to schools or nurseries.

  7. Better access for bin lorries... Let's make bin lorry workers' lives easier - they do a tough job and barmy parking makes it harder than it needs to be.

  8. Better access for ambulances... Let's hope we don't need one, but if an ambulance did need to move through your street in a hurry right now, would it have a clear run?

  9. Better visibility at junctions... Let's help drivers manoeuvre through our streets more safely.

  10. Action on climate change... Let's stop the unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions due to cars hunting for parking spaces.

  11. Access for fire engines... That hardly needs saying... but if a bus gets stuck, what happens when your house is on fire?

  12. Somewhere for guests to park... Yes, they'll have to pay if they come in the day, but they won't have to walk half a mile.

  13. No more fleet and hire cars depoted in our streets... Enterprise, Hertz and Europcar can rent the yard space they need for their vehicles.

  14. Less commuter parking... and the commuters who do park here still will be contributing to the cost of running our City through parking fees.

  15. Fewer commercial vehicles... and less use of our streets by businesses looking for a free truck or van park.

  16. No more airport parking... Need to park for a fortnight for your Gatwick flight? Not in Surrenden Area streets for free please.  Use a proper airport car park or leave your car at home!

  17. End the Trip Advisor bad trip... Visitors to the city should park in a car park or let the train take the strain.

  18. Own a camper but no drive to park it in?  Let's encourage camper owners to use a proper camper storage business in the winter.

  19. Being able to get in or out of my own drive or garage... Being boxed in just isn't funny or fair.

  20. Being able to park outside my own house... Let's stop lugging all those bags of shopping 500 yards from the car to the garden gate... or double parking to drop off the kids.

There are detailed facts underscoring every one of these reasons and our FAQs set them all out. A lot of the evidence is in our Picture Galleries.  Take a look.