How can I get involved now?

Right now, there is no immediate opportunity to get involved.  The Council's most recent consultation of residents closed on 17 February 2020. SAPC campaigned actively using door to door leaflet drops, social media, website and mainstream media outlets to encourage as many people as possible to vote.  The result of the vote are clear.

We recommended households in the area to think of 2030 and vote YES in 2020 - and that is what in large numbers we all did.

We provided a wide range of information on this website, aiming to provide a fair appraisal of the issues and the evidence needed to help decide how to vote.  Until the the Council has made its final decisions on whether and when to implement a scheme, we will maintain access to all of this background information.

  • The FAQs on this website aimed to provide information to help us make up our minds. Use the forward and back buttons at the bottom of each page to read them.

  • The Council sent out a consultation pack. If you don't have it to hand you can read it online here.

  • Look at the Council's information about Parking on its website.

  • There's a lot of information about different types of scheme including "full" and "light touch" schemes and on the cost of parking permits. To a degree, this is too much detail at this stage.  The Council have promised to consult us again this year about the detailed design of a scheme.

And if you did vote - THANK YOU.  Our report on the result is in the next topic...