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I have a garage, drive or off-street designated parking bay.  How does the permit system work for me? Surely I won't get a permit? 


It's true that if you do have off-street parking available to you, the Council will take the view that you are meant to use it. A permit is unlikely to be offered in the first round allocation. However, with the exception of highly congested zones in central Brighton, once the first round permits are granted, there will still be a significant excess of parking space supply over demand from householders for permits. Subsequent application rounds typically enable all householders' needs for a permit to be met.

Can I park on a 'crossover' without a permit?

Can I park across the front of my drive or garage?


We've asked the Council for advice on this point.  They have said that they do not condone parking on crossovers and in front of garages and currently receive many complaints about this - including from people who have been boxed and blocked in on their own property. Double yellow lines (DYLs) are used in parking schemes to protect residents' access to their own drives and garages. Only DYLs entitle the Council to enforce against people blocking residents in. DYLs apply to to the rear of the footway.


The Council said:

  "the reason we have to allow for Double Yellow Lines (DYL) over all vehicle crossovers within a controlled parking zone is to ensure there are no areas where vehicles can legally park. If we didn’t protect the vehicle access with the DYL, this could be subjected to abuse within the zone from commuters and people parking for free ..."


The highway code says that people should not park over dropped kerbs regardless of whether it leads to their own property or not. That being said, residents parking in front of their own garages and drives is common practice in some areas. Double yellow lines are "at any time" restrictions and vehicles are not allowed to wait or park on these markings. Loading and unloading is permitted. For longer stays:

  • use your garage to park your car; or

  • if your drive is long enough, ensure your car is on your own land and not parked in the highway.


If these two circumstances apply then you will not need a permit. If you park on the highway without a permit or on DYLs designed to protect the access to your property, you can be enforced against. Here is a link to the relevant item of the Highway Code.

In summary, residents with a garage or drive are being offered a trade-off. 

  • Pro: if you use your own property to park your car, you won't need a permit.

  • Pro: the Council's DYL and parking enforcement officers will stop you being blocked in to your own property.

  • Con: but you'll have to give up parking on the highway on your crossover or in front of your garage or drive. 

I can't even get my car into my drive or garage. It was built in the 1920s!

SAPC is aware that some drives and garages in the area were built as far back as the 1920s, for cars with very different dimensions and turning capabilities to modern vehicles. We know that some drives and garages are in real terms inaccessible because they are too narrow, their doors are not high enough or they require a tight turning movement with insufficient space.

We've attached the Council's latest guidance for people creating new driveways here.


Council guidance on driveways (2017)

If your existing drive has dimensions below the ones referred to in the highways section of this guidance (and as a matter of fact you can't get a car into it), then we say it should not count as providing you with off-street parking. We are continuing to speak to the Council on this issue and will update this page if we learn anything further.

I use a garage court

A lot of people locally use garages in garage courts.  Our current understanding is as follows:

  • If you own or lease your garage as part of the same ownership (title) as your house, the Council is likely to take the view that you have off-street parking already.

  • If you have a separate 'lock up' garage that you own or lease in a different ownership (title) to your house, the Council is likely to take the view that you do not have off-street parking.

A number of garage courts are old and of substandard design.  They provide excellent storage but are not useful for parking a modern car.  We are asking the Council how they intend to respond to these and will update this page.

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