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Our Area

The original 22 Streets

The Surrenden Area Parking Campaign (SAPC) was founded as a community group representing the residents of 22 streets in an area bounded by Surrenden Crescent, London Road, Preston Drove and Surrenden Road to the junction with Braybon Road. Surrenden Road from Braybon Road to Ditchling Road is also included. The Surrenden Area streets are listed below:


Bavant Road

Cornwall Gardens

Draxmont Way

Fairlie Gardens

Fircroft Close

Harrington Road

Harrington Villas

Holly Close

Knoyle Road

Mulberry Close

Poplar Close

Preston Drove

Surrenden Crescent

Surrenden Holt

Surrenden Road (entire road)

Vardean Close

Vardean Gardens

Vardean Holt

Varndean Drive

Varndean Road

Whittingehame Gardens

Withdean Crescent

The SAPC recommended throughout that a large and self-contained area should be consulted for designation as a Controlled Parking Zone, including all streets within a 15 minute walking time of key non-resident parking attractors (Preston Park Station commuter parking, St Mary’s and Balfour Primary Schools, Varndean and Dorothy Stringer High Schools, Varndean VIth Form College and Downs Link College together with Preston Park, Preston Tennis Club and a number of nurseries and business such as dental and veterinary surgeries). The original 22 streets in the Surrenden Area all meet this criterion.


Upper Surrenden & the Friars

In February and March 2018, residents of 'the Friars' between Upper Surrenden Road and Ditchling Road became concerned about the effects of uncontrolled parking in their area which is adjacent to the original SAPC area. Having worked together at a Council ETS Committee meeting March, in April 2018, the Friars and Surrenden Areas decided to join forces. The additional streets are:

Friar Road

Friar Crescent

Friar Close

Friar Walk

The New Streets: 2020

When the Council started to consult residents in January 2020, new streets were added to the area in four areas:

  1. Surrenden Park - added because it was surrounded by the Friars;

  2. Ditchling Road and Beacon Close - added because if it was left undesignated, it would be a small exclave  left isolated between the Surrenden Area and the Balfour Areas;

  3. Preston Manor, Preston Lawn Tennis Club, Preston Cricket Club and the Velodrome added because they are a major source of parking demand; and

  4. Varndean VIth Form College: again added as a major source of parking demand.

See our FAQ for more details.

A Wide Area CPZ

We campaigned to apply a Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) over this whole area to make non-residents parking here significantly re-appraise their travel and mode of transport decision-making.  This approach aimed to reduce the adverse parking diversion effects typically experienced when smaller CPZs are designated, an approach that Brighton and Hove City Council has taken on many occasions in the past. 93% of respondents to our Opinion Poll carried out in the original 22 streets felt that if a smaller CPZ were to be designated nearby but not including their street, it would make the parking situation in their street worse. The designation of Zone 10 over the whole campaign area is a significant victory for the campaign.


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