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Microsoft Forms Opinion Poll: July 2020

Following a decision by the Council to consult on a draft parking scheme design, the SAPC decided to ask residents for their opinion about the design approach taken by the Council.  Have they got their scheme right?  Let us know by 5 August 2020.

You can click here to fill in our form.  It will only take you 5 minutes and your answers will help us to focus the questions that we will be asking the Council on your behalf.

Survey Monkey Opinion Poll

The SAPC Survey Monkey Opinion Poll asked residents opinions about key parking topics between 28 November 2017 and 20 January 2018.  There were 205 respondents (20% of households in the original 22 streets of the Surrenden Area).  Invitations to the complete the Poll were on a leaflet distributed door-to-door and by email to households with known email addresses. The survey was completed online and independently, without the presence of a street canvasser. It was subject to an IP address control, meaning that it could not be completed more than once from the same device.


Its findings in summary are as follows:


  • Parking in the Surrenden Area has become more difficult over the past 3 years.                      89%

  • Reasons for concerns about parking:

    • I can’t park near my house                                                                                                   39%

    • Crossing the road is more difficult                                                                                        58%

    • Poor parking makes the roads more dangerous for school students                                   64%

    • Poor parking makes the roads more dangerous for the elderly                                           61%

    • Parking by high-sided vehicles is adding to danger                                                            79%

    • People park here who do not live in the area (commuter parking)                                      80%

    • Bad parking makes driving a hazard for motorised road users                                           80%

  • A CPZ would improve the parking situation in my road.                                                             79%

  • A nearby CPZ excluding my street would make parking conditions worse.                               93%

  • Residents owing a mobile home (there are many of these parked in the area).                          5%

  • Residents owning a commercial vehicle (there are many of these parked in the area).              2%


Click here for a more detailed breakdown of findings.