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Our Petitions, 

Deputations & Questions

The SAPC campaigns formally by submitting petitions, deputations and questions to relevant meetings of Brighton and Hove City Council and its Committees. Our activities are recorded below. Petitions are first, with deputations and questions towards the foot of the page.


SAPC promoted an e-petition 38 Degrees and a parallel paper petition over the 22 streets in the Surrenden Area between 28 November 2017 and 20 January 2018, calling for an urgent Controlled Parking Zone consultation. Both petitions asked Brighton & Hove City Council to...

“Please introduce a controlled parking scheme to the extended Surrenden Area so that residents can park close to their homes, children can cross roads safely, visibility for drivers is improved, and out of area commuter, recreational and commercial vehicles are not parked on a long-term basis.”


Combining paper and e-responses, by mid February 2018, 549 households in the area were in support (55% of households in the area).  Nearly 100 additional supporters from outside the area have also signed.


Support for a Controlled Parking Zone from Surrenden Area residents has broadly doubled since summer 2015, when 264 households in the same area supported a Council CPZ proposal. Support has extended into many streets that did not support the 2015 proposal. Then, a CPZ was supported by a majority of households in 3 streets.  By 2018, it was supported by a majority in 14 streets accounting for 459 (82%) of responding households, distributed evenly across the whole area.

Deputations & Questions

We are submitting a Question to the Full Council on 19 April 2018

We will be speaking at the Full Council on 19 April 2018, putting a question in relation to the response to our Deputation on 20 March. Advance written notice of our primary question has been provided to the Council and the text of the question is reproduced below:

In 2015, the Surrenden and Fiveways Area was consulted on a controlled parking zone.  With a 47% turnout, the area voted yes. Subsequently, two controlled zones have been designated over parts of the consulted area, at Fiveways and Balfour (where 55% voted against a scheme in the first consultation). On 20 March, ETS Chair told us we are at the back of the queue for a new consultation because we voted against a scheme in 2015. But we didn’t (50% of roads voted yes).  Why can’t the democratic rights of Surrenden Area residents be recognised with a parking consultation now? 

There will be an opportunity for a supplementary oral question which does not have to be disclosed in advance.


It would be great if as many people as possible could attend to provide a strong show of support. Assemble at 4pm on 19 April outside Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Square. The meeting will start at 4-30pm.

We made a Deputation to the Environment, Transport & Sustainability Committee of Brighton & Hove City Council on 20 March 2018

We spoke at the Committee, making clear arguments in favour of a parking consultation and demonstrating how the income from a scheme should enable our consultation to proceed alongside others, without any existing areas in the parking programme needing to lose out. We asked for a report on resources to be considered at the June Committee to make that happen.

Cllr Gill Mitchell responded to our deputation and made clear that the Council will stick to the timetable that it agreed in October 2017. We say that is not good enough and will continue to campaign.  It should be noted that Cllr Lee Wares for the Conservative Group and Cllrs Littman and West for the Greens all spoke in support of our deputation. If Cllr Wares speaks for the Conservative Group as a whole (and as he is their spokesperson it appears that he does), this means that we currently have the support of six of the 10 members of the ETS Committee, even if we do not have the support of the Chair...  Interesting times in a democracy!

There are some real positives to report:


  • The public gallery was full.  A massive thank you to everyone who came.

  • The press were there and there was full coverage in the Argus (front page of the 21 March print edition) and Brighton & Hove News.

  • We worked in close fellowship with residents of the Friars, who supported our deputation and we supported their petition. We will meet them shortly with a view to even greater mutual support.

  • There was a group of extremely passionate school students in attendance and a 'students' chapter of the SAPC should shortly be formed.

You can watch a video record of the full proceedings of the Committee here. Our contribution is at Agenda Item 60 (accessible from the menu on the side of the screen.)

Our deputation papers and the deputation speech can be downloaded here.


  Deputation speech & papers: 20 March 2018 ETS Committee

Formal Council response​

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