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A morning walk finds multiple vehicles owned by a hire car firm, being 'depoted' free of charge in residential streets. If a firm is in business hiring cars, it should have premises that are large enough to handle it's fleet.

A commercial vehicle which seldom moves. Overloaded with construction waste that looks pretty hazardous and left uncovered for the wind to blow around. Here's hoping there's no asbestos in this truck as it's parked close to a school.


Photographs taken in 2018 show the effects of inconsiderate parking in the Surrenden Area.

If you've got images that you feel would help explain our position to Councillors and Council officers, please contact us.


Send in your good quality jpeg files and we'll feature the best here.

Does this sort of thing annoy you a bit? 

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Here is a gallery of rarely moved recreational and commercial vehicles. Residents would have a lot more sympathy if they were moved every now and again, but they stay in the same places for months. 

Pressure on parking spaces makes car drivers behave less well. Big estate cars are parked obstructing visibility, hanging into drives and junctions.

Another car hire/ fleet vehicle.  One or two isn't a problem. Fifteen or twenty materially reduce the on-street parking supply.

Camper vans. Part of the problem is that these are large vehicles and they aren't eligible for a permit in any zone in the city. (Vehicles that weigh more than 2,540 kilograms, are over 2.25 metres high or over 6 metres long cannot apply for a residents' permit.)  We have some sympathy with the owners of these vehicles, but we do have to ask, if someone is going to buy a recreational vehicle worth many thousands of pounds and they don't own any land where it can be stored off-road, where do they think they are going to store it? Is it fair to store it for months outside someone else's house? There are plenty of motorhome and caravan storage facilities in Sussex and owners can store a camper van for in the region of £44 per month. If you can afford to own one of these big beasts, that amount of money shouldn't trouble you too much.

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