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A commercial vehicle parked by Varndean College.  Whoever owns this vehicle clearly has no intention or capability of moving it at any time soon as they (or someone) has deposited waste wood products beneath it, with nails pointing upwards. Elsewhere, this would be dealt with as fly-tipping.

Typical bad parking behaviour in a congested area. Quite possibly each individual driver felt that they were leaving sufficient space for the householder still to access their drive. However, the combination of both vehicles intruding into the turning space of the driveway with the steep bank of the central reservation close by means that this drive is now totally blocked even though superficially there isn't a problem. In some ways this is even more frustrating than if someone just parked straight across the front of the drive.

Does this sort of thing annoy you a bit? 

Why not join us in doing something about it!

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A public service bus struggling to make a turn through the central reservation of Surrenden Road, due to the proximity of parked cars. But this is only the beginning of a more serious problem...

13 April 2018: 3 Southbound 5B buses stuck near Poplar Close/ Loder Road due to inconsiderate parking

This sort of incident becomes more and more frequent. What impact does it have on bus service frequency and reliability miles away from the Surrenden Area, as the 5B route is a long one? More delays means less revenue for the Bus Company and either a poorer service or more public subsidy. But a little bit of intelligence about managing parking could solve this issue once and for all.

Buses experience similar 'chicane' issues in the Friars area.


This is the former No. 56 bus reversing back down Friar Road as its route was blocked by cars parking opposite each other on 18 April 2018. Sadly, as from 29 April 2019, route No.56 has been replaced with extended routes 47 and 52. The Friars are no longer served.  Bad parking has contributed to a casualty: loss of a bus route.

Now, imagine that instead of service buses, these pictures showed fire engines...

That is a dreadful scenario that has not happened yet: we sincerely hope it never will. But no action is being taken to prevent the foreseeable risk of a fire engine attending a serious house-fire being blocked. Here's hoping that our Council agrees to take action before a tragedy happens.

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