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A wall of vans formed near the cricket ground on lower Preston Drove,
April 2018.

These vehicles are parked on street frontage that was expressly excluded from Zone J parking controls to enable people using the nearby Tennis Club, cricket and velodrome facilities to have 'somewhere to park'. There are not many sportspeople parking there now...

This van appears reasonably mobile, but has been adapted for sleeping in.

This van in contrast has not moved for a long time. The space underneath it is almost completely filled with washed-out mud, road gravel and wood waste.

Moss and grasses are beginning to grow on the mixture materials beneath the van.

Does this sort of thing annoy you a bit? 

Why not join us in doing something about it!

Almost the entire depth of the nearside front tyre is buried in accumulated mud and gravel. The road gutter is blocked and rainwater run-off is diverted onto the pavement.

The offside front tyre is completely flat. This van is not going anywhere in a hurry.

A wall of vans can also be seen forming on Friar Road

This row was photographed at the Surrenden end of Friar Road on 23 April 2018

Not all commercial vehicles are quite as commercial as they may seem...

Seen on Surrenden Road on the morning of 23 April 2018, a windowless van produces occasional bursts of washing up water. Is someone living inside? And is it a good idea in public health terms to have domestic wastewater discharged to a road gutter, closely adjacent to school premises?

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