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Here's some good news. A typical scenario. Someone struggles to find a parking space and allows bad behaviour to get the better of them.  They park too close to a junction restricting visibility and turning movements and partly blocking the dropped kerb where pedestrians with restricted mobility and pushchairs need to cross. Parking like this makes our streets less safe and breaches the Highway Code, yet enforcement outside a parking zone area in the past has been rare. 

It was good to see one lunchtime in early January 2020 that the Council are 'on it like a car bonnet' and ticketing cars for illegal and unsafe parking.

Image 08-01-2020 at 17.00.jpeg

Here's one of a number of images used to promote the Council's 2020 Parking Consultation on Facebook. 

You could be thinking that 'things in my road aren't as bad as they were'.  It's true - some roads are do seem to have a less significant issue than they used to.  That's because people seeking long term parking tend to move around.  As of January 2020, there were fewer large long-stay vehicles on Surrenden Road south of the Varndean College campus than there have been for some time. But here in Cornwall Gardens things have got worse, not better. Commercial vehicles in these pictures have been parked unused for several days or weeks at a time, and the motorhome has been parked since November 2019. What better than a quiet backstreet for free winter storage?  Only a parking scheme over the whole area will fairly resolve mobile issues like these.

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