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Parking Chicanery
in the North...


A myth that has emerged at various stages in the campaign has been that 'the houses in the roads in the north of the Surrenden Area don't need a parking scheme', 'they've all got garages, there isn't a problem', 'the Council only want to include those roads to make money...'

Some recent pictures from Varndean Gardens provide clear evidence of the nature of the problem there.  Yes, many of the houses do have garages, but because the designers of the original development not unreasonably assumed that they would be used, the streets are very narrow: ok for two cars to pass with no on-street parking, but as soon as several cars are parked on the street, unless people are considerate (as in this first image), they turn into ill-designed chicanes.  And cars are parked on the street, because some people don't use their garages (guilty as charged) but mainly because, as parking pressures move further and further out from the city, streets that are sill walkable to Preston Park are still a 'good' car park for the commuters. Car Hire companies are still looking for safe streets to store fleet vehicles... and the situation declines.  

You may think that some residents protest too much: there aren't too many cars parked in these streets.  In comparison with the serried ranks parked in Victorian streets close to Preston Park, you'd probably be right. But you try driving your car through the random chicane left as people parking come and go and don't think too hard about the distance between their car and the car parked diagonally opposite.  And if you have a bin lorry, an ambulance, a fire-engine to manoeuvre...  It doesn't bear thinking about.  Clear road markings and marked bays would solve this problem.

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