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Think of 2030...
Vote YES in 2020!

This page is a record of the Surrenden Area Parking Campaign's recommendation to residents in January and February 2020:


It summarises the reasons why we felt yes was the best and wisest vote.

01/ Cost

Just 36p / day to park

Yes - that's right. An annual permit for a standard car is just 36p per day. That buys you a pretty high likelihood of being able to park on the street close to your home whenever you want.


Read about the cost of permits here and the difference between full and light touch schemes

03/ Public services

Need an ambulance?

or a fire engine or even the bin lorry... Bad parking behaviour is making our streets ever more hazardous for larger vehicles, especially those that need to move fast in an emergency. A parking scheme will enable the Council to re-design street layouts to reduce the risk of vehicles being blocked.

05/ Road safety

Bad parking = unsafe streets

Children walking to school are at higher risk of casualty accidents. The elderly, disabled and parents with prams can't use dropped kerbs to cross roads. Cyclists can't see at junctions. Many residents think road safety is a real problem and a parking scheme will make it better.

07/ Future trends

Car-free cities and other developments...

Most residents say that parking conditions have got much worse since 2015. But Brighton is now looking at having a car-free city centre by 2023, as are York, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Oxford, Glasgow, Manchester, Portsmouth and Cardiff... We say to the Council: be radical but plan properly. Don't turn the Surrenden area into Brighton's unplanned free car park.

02/ Convenience

No more hunting for a space

No more frustrating hunting for a parking space, carrying sleeping kids, multiple bags of shopping, double parking (though we know we shouldn't...)

Read here about about permit allocations and what happens if you've got a drive or garage.

04/ Public transport

We've already lost a bus route

The Number 56 Big Lemon bus no longer runs through the Friars. The 5B regularly suffers delays due to bad parking creating an un-navigable chicane on our streets. Don't let's lose any more bus services to inconsiderate parking. 

06/ Air quality

Hunting for a space = more emissions

Hunting for parking spaces is inefficient. People drive more than they need to and the emissions mean that local air quality is poorer than it needs to be. If you drive for 3 minutes hunting for a parking space then you probably spend more than the daily cost of a parking permit and add to the risk of ill-health in your old age.

08/ Fairness for all

Permits for residents are fair

There is a basic fairness point. If there are no parking zones in the city, everyone hunts for a parking space.  If there are zones in some areas but not elsewhere, then areas like Surrenden absorb parking demand from elsewhere.  That wasn't fair in 2015.  It's not fair now. VOTE YES in 2020 for a fair 2030. 

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Still not sure? See 20 more reasons to vote YES in 2020 here.

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