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What about air quality?

We don't live in an 'air quality management area'. This means that in general terms, the air quality in our streets is reasonable for an urban area. However, that doesn't mean we should just put up with habits that make our air quality less good than it needs to be. Nor does it mean that we should not be doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions that contribute towards climate change.


When people can’t park easily near their destinations, journey times are increased by the search for parking. A typical petrol family car emits approximately 0.4kg C02 per mile . There are about 1300 households in the Surrenden area (including private roads). If we assume that each owns one car and that each car is driven for an additional 1 mile or 3 minutes per day in search of a parking space, that’s an extra half tonne of the greenhouse gas CO2 per day and 190 tonnes of CO2 per year that are emitted to the atmosphere from our area, but that did not need to be emitted, caused exclusively by inefficient car parking. This is only an indicative calculation. Some households have several cars. Others have none. Diesel cars have lower CO2 emissions than petrol cars used in this example, but emit more Nitrogen Oxides and small particulates (eg PM10s) that are hazardous to health, so the actual pattern of extra emissions will be slightly different. But the principle is clear: inefficient car parking causes extra emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants with health implications that need not be emitted if car parking was managed efficiently.

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