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What about elderly and disabled people?

A number of residents have expressed concerns about a parking scheme because they are elderly or disabled, or are carers for or neighbours of elderly or disabled people. They are concerned that if there was a controlled parking scheme, essential visitors and carers would be charged to park.  This is a particular concern if there were to be a "full" scheme because parking would be controlled for 12 hours per day, 7 days per week.

SAPC is conscious that the Surrenden Area has a high elderly population. We are asking the Council whether short stay parking bays can be provided in each street where visitors can park free of charge.  We'll update you about their response to this request.

However, it should also be noted that people with a disability are entitled to use the Blue Badge Scheme and that people with blue badges can have signed protected parking bays outside their home. If you are a carer, a person you care for may be eligible for a Blue Badge and they do not have to be the driver of the car. The Blue Badge is linked to 'you' rather than a vehicle,  so it can be used with any car, meaning a disabled person can provide their blue badge to more than one carer and vehicle.

For more information about the Blue Badge Scheme, visit:

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