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What is the Surrenden Area Parking Campaign doing now?


The Council is now consulting residents in the Surrenden Area again about support for and the type of parking scheme that might be taken forward.


Whilst this consultation has been a long time coming, SAPC is grateful to Ward Councillors and the ETS committee for taking forward a consultation in 2020 as promised.  

SAPC is:

  • Keeping this website up to date with news and information about parking throughout the 2020 consultation period and beyond.

  • Providing information to local residents on Facebook.

  • Speaking to Councillors on the Environment, Transport and Sustainability (ETS) Committee who will make the final decision.

  • Speaking to our Ward Councillors.

  • Encouraging the highest possible response to the consultation: above all we want as many households as possible to vote and to settle the parking question for good.

It is over to individual residents now.  We have asked for a consultation.  We now need a good response from as many households as possible to direct the Council towards action. 

Think back to the 2015 consultation. Almost the worst possible result would be one where a scheme is supported, but a substantial number of households fail to respond, allowing the Council to argue that there is no clear mandate for action and we go back into limbo, with no action for a further five years or more.  Unlike 2015, we know that our Ward Councillors do support the principle of consultation on a scheme in 2020. But it is still up to us to make the case for a scheme. 

Please take ten minutes and respond to the consultation.

It is our intention to keep local residents fully informed of progress.

  • Surrenden Area Parking Campaign
  • Surrenden Area Parking Campaign
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