What is the Surrenden Area Parking Campaign doing now?


The Council consulted residents in the Surrenden Area again between 3 January and 17 February 2020 about support for and the type of parking scheme that might be taken forward. The consultation has now closed.  The results have been released and are published elsewhere on this website, but in summary support the community's vote for a wide area light touch scheme from Monday to Friday.


Whilst the 2020 consultation had been a long time coming, SAPC is grateful to our Ward Councillors and the ETS committee for taking forward a consultation in 2020 as promised.  We are grateful that they voted unanimously to implement the community's preferred option.

SAPC is:

It is over to Councillors and Officers now.  The residents have spoken and been listened to, but we now need to see the detail and a plan to put our wishes into effect. 

It is our intention to keep local residents fully informed of progress.