What can I do
to help?

Respond to the new proposals

The most important things that you can do to help are:

  • Read the Council's November 2020 parking proposals for the Surrenden Area. Read our article and see what we asked for.

  • Both the February and August 2020 public consultations have resulted in strong mandates for an area wide light touch parking scheme operating between Monday and Friday, from Preston Drove to Peacock Lane, from London Road to Ditchling Road. 

  • On 23 June 2020, the Council Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee voted unanimously to accept the principle of such a scheme and prepare aa detailed design for local consultation. On 24 November 2020 they did so again.

  • The Council's November Report is light on detail in relation to matters that you said were important. Carry on writing to the Councillors and Officers - to make sure that the final design of the scheme is as good as it can be.

Get involved with the Council 

Following the May 2019 elections, the Council has a large number of first term elected members.

​We've focussed our efforts on speaking to the new members for Withdean Ward. They do appreciate that community concern about parking chaos, road safety and decline in the quality of our local environment contributed to their election.  They know people want action and committed to supporting the outcome of a community consultation. 


On 23 June and 24 November 2020, the Council ETS Committee voted unanimously to support the outcome of the community consultation and prepare a detailed parking scheme. The most important element of these decisions is that, in contrast to years of poor decision-making in that committee up to 2018, where individual streets and groups of streets were horse traded in and out of small schemes to make political points, a strong focus was maintained on the need to designate a large area scheme in line with the way that the community as a whole had voted. This is an excellent result that is strengthened by the fact that it enjoys the support of all political parties.

In speaking to the report in June 2020, our local ward member Cllr Steve Davis paid tribute to the long and consistent work by this campaign to bring about this result.

Public service can be tough and people often to forget to thank our Councillors when good decisions are taken. Please consider writing to our local Councillors so that they know how you feel, but keep them honest: we need them to follow through, to design and deliver the scheme. Click here for more details. There's a draft letter that you can use, or write your own if you'd prefer.

Become a volunteer

SAPC volunteers do everything. We need banners for Council meetings.  We need leaflets designing, printing and distributing.  We need supporters to have conversations with their neighbours.  Register here to become a SAPC Supporter and tell us how you want to help.

Print a parking disc

Please print and display inside your windscreen a copy of the Surrenden Area Local Resident parking disc.  By displaying this disc it will help show that you support the campaign and indicate which local cars are having to park outside other people’s houses.

Get active on social media

Got things to say and pictures to show about parking in the Surrenden Area? Say them on social media!


SAPC is on Facebook and Twitter. Councillors and council officers monitor public debates.​

Use hashtags: 


#EndParkingChaos #BrightonCouncil  #SurrendenAreaParking  #BadParking

Brighton Council is on Facebook too, as are several Councillors: 


Visit their pages and post about our topics in comments.  Don't forget to use our hashtags and post links to our website to support your arguments. 

If you are new to social media, or want some advice about how best to use it, click here to download the SAPC social media guide.

Zero tolerance of bad parking:

Photograph it

If you can photograph examples of bad parking without risking your own safety or compromising people's privacy, please do so. You can send your photos in to SAPC using this link and we will publish the best ones.  Remember: don't take full face pictures of anyone you don't know and don't photograph children.

Ticket it

SAPC can provide you with 'polite parking tickets' to print at home and put on to badly parked vehicles. Remember, you mustn't fix a ticket to a vehicle in any way that could cause damage. Put it into a see-through plastic bag and tuck it under the windscreen wiper.

Report it

Sick of being boxed in, double-parked or not being able to cross the road safely? 

  • Report antisocial driving and abandoned vehicles to Sussex Police: Operation Crackdown.

  • Report parking on double yellow lines, across drives and garages to Parking Enforcement at Brighton Council.

  • Report vehicles being lived-in to the Traveller Unit at Brighton Council.

Make a donation

Running a campaign costs money. SAPC Members make small donations to cover the costs of printing, a web site, banners, survey and data systems. If every household in the area contributed £10, our campaign costs would be met for the foreseeable future. Contact us if you would like to make a donation.