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Which roads are you including in your campaign and why?

The 'original' 22...

Here’s a list of the 22 roads we covered at the start of the Campaign:

  • Bavant Road

  • Cornwall Gardens

  • Draxmont Way

  • Fairlie Gardens

  • Fircroft Close

  • Harrington Road

  • Harrington Villas

  • Holly Close

  • Knoyle Road

  • Mulberry Close

  • Poplar Close

  • Preston Drove

  • Surrenden Crescent

  • Surrenden Holt

  • Surrenden Road

  • Varndean Close

  • Varndean Drive

  • Varndean Gardens

  • Varndean Holt

  • Varndean Road

  • Whittingehame Gardens

  • Withdean Crescent


Most of these roads have residents who have told us that they are concerned about parking issues. However, some of these roads didn’t vote in favour of a parking scheme in 2015 and so we wanted to find out whether that had changed and if residents there are concerned now. This is why we have run our own petition and opinion poll survey to gauge public opinion.  The petition demonstrates that residents' views have changed significantly and that there is now widespread support. The opinion poll provides insights into why residents have change their minds.

Not every street supports a parking scheme even now.  However, the great majority of streets do support a scheme and the majority of households in the area do too. Our starting principle is that we support a fair parking solution. We don’t want to leave individual roads out that could be affected by a new parking scheme nearby. All of the roads we cover are part of a connected area, within a 15 minute walk to Preston Park Station and so would be likely to experience serious parking issues if other nearby roads were included in a parking scheme whilst they were excluded.

Upper Surrenden...

At the start of the Campaign, we didn't include Surrenden Road east of the junction with Braybon Avenue to Ditchling Road (upper Surrenden Road) in our area. However, having received a number of requests to do so, consulted with local residents and noting that there are major development proposals there that may have parking implications, on 5 January 2018 we decided to extend the Campaign area to include upper Surrenden Road.


The Friars...

On 4 April 2018, having worked closely with a newly formed campaign representing 'the Friars':


  • Friar Road

  • Friar Crescent

  • Friar Walk 

  • Friar Close

the Surrenden and Friars Campaigns agreed to work together under the SAPC banner. We now represent 26 streets.  Click here to contact the Friars campaign directly.

New Streets in the 2020 Consultation...

In addition to the streets that we represent, The Council has included four new areas in the 2020 parking consultation. These are:

  1. Surrenden Park

  2. Ditchling Road & Beacon Close

  3. Preston Manor, the Tennis Club, the Cricket Ground and Velodrome

  4. Varndean VIth Form College Campus




















SAPC did not lobby the Council specifically for the inclusion of these areas. None of them have street representatives included in the campaign yet. If you live or work in one of these new areas and want to get involved, click here to email us.

As to why these areas are included... 

For Surrenden Park and Dirchling Road/ Beacon Close (1) and (2): these are areas that, were the rest of the Surrenden Area to be designated as one or more controlled parking zone(s) (CPZs), would become isolated exclaves where people could still park for free. It would be likely that they would become the places where the owners of commercial vehicles, camper vans and car hire fleets would concentrate their parking, once the rest of the area had been 'lost' to them.

For the Preston Park and College Campus Areas (3) and (4): these are two of the main sources of parking demand in the local area. It makes sense to us that any final CPZ scheme has to deal with parking demand as well as supply, so it is right that the Council is including and formally consulting with the land uses in these areas.


Areas we haven't included...

We haven’t included Laine, Oak and Walnut Closes, because according to Council records, these are private roads in the Varndean Park Estate (VPE) where the Council has no powers to provide parking controls. In January 2020 we have been contacted by VPE private road residents asking to be included in a parking scheme.  Sadly, the Council cannot do that, but their own estate management company can.  VPE residents need to speak to the VPE Board about their concerns.  At this stage, we accept the Council’s view that all other roads in the area form part of the public highway and could be included in a Council scheme, but please advise us if you live in a private road in the Surrenden Area that we are currently listing as a public road.

We are happy to work with the residents of private roads who want to consider their options for controlling parking issues. Our research suggests that there may be a parking control solution available to private roads, at no cost to the residents there at all. The estate management company could grant a parking management concession to a contractor who would supply residents' parking permits and clamp or tow vehicles parked without a permit.  Its costs and a profit would come from release fees for vehicles breaching these controls.

We haven’t included frontages to the A23 London Road and Preston Road: that forms part of the national highway network and very different considerations apply than in local residential streets. Streets west of the A23 have their own community organisations and parking issues: we are not campaigning there.

Is your road missing? We haven't ‘fixed’ the boundaries of our campaign area. However, we are a community-based campaign representing local residents and groups: we are not aiming to become involved in city-wide issues or to campaign on behalf of streets in other parts of Brighton and Hove.


If your road isn’t on our list but it is east of the A23, within an approximately 15 minute walk time to Preston Park Station, and is connected or adjacent to one of the roads on our list, Contact Us and we’ll consider it for inclusion. However, bear in mind that we may not be able to include your street in our area immediately. As this website hopefully demonstrates, we are an 'evidence-based' campaign, so there will need to be some survey work done to gauge the parking situation and public opinion in any new street, before it can become a full member of our campaign.

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