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Why are you including my street? There's no parking problem here!​

Your street may be fine for now, but you live in the original 22 streets then you live within a 15 minute walking time of Preston Park Station and there’s a reasonable bus service into town. Streets in the extended area nearby have got serious parking issues too. If nearby streets get a parking scheme and your street isn’t included, parts of the problem are very likely to be diverted into your street.


The SAPC thinks we should have a fair parking solution. This means that the Council shouldn’t create small parking zones that push parking problems a hundred yards away. They should think clearly about what causes the parking problems over a wide area and create a solution that will solve them properly and fairly for most people. We think that unless all the streets within a 15 to 20 minute walking time of Preston Park Station and close to the Varndean campus schools are included in a zone, the Council will be relocating rather than solving the problem.

2020 Update: New Areas and Streets

The Council has accepted the general argument that SAPC has made since 2017 that small areas and isolated streets adjacent to a controlled parking zone (CPZ) can experience severe diversion effects if they are 'left out'.  The Council included new areas in its 2020 consultation for this reason.  For more information on these new areas, see our FAQ on the streets included in the area.

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