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Why not just stop using your car? That will help solve the problem...


It’s probably true in general terms that if we ditched our cars that parking problems would improve. But lots of residents have cars and need to use them daily for work, school, college, shopping… and there’s a fairness issue: why should other people elsewhere in the city have resident’s parking schemes and be able to park and use their cars close to their homes when increasingly we can’t? 


One environmental issue relates to air quality: if you can’t park near your home, you spend more time driving than you strictly need to, just to find a parking space. This extends journeys unnecessarily and cause extra fuel consumption and exhaust emissions that wouldn’t be there if we had a fair and efficient parking system. A parking scheme will improve environmental conditions over the current base case of 'do nothing'.

And looking to the future, increasingly people who may own or lease diesel or petrol cars now, are thinking about changing to use electric hybrids or electric vehicles with lower running costs and lower or or no carbon emissions. We think that a future with as many or even more cars on the roads, but with a high and rising number of hybrid or electric vehicles in the fleet is probably more likely than a world in which people use cars a lot less. If there is a switch to hybrid and electric vehicles in the future, parking demand is likely to remain just as much of an issue then as it is today. 

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