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Why pay for permits? They're too expensive and I might not get one!

Actually, the permits are quite good value. At 2019 prices, it costs 36p / day to park your car in a controlled zone in Brighton, based on the cost of an annual permit for a mid-range car in the most expensive zone (£130). If you can afford to own and run a car, this level of cost is not likely to be a major consideration – you might pay nearly seven times as much times as much for a cup of coffee(1) or nearly twice as much for a weekday newspaper(2) . If you end up having to drive for just an extra 3 minutes per day to find a parking space because you can’t park outside your own house, you will be spending in the region of 36p / day in additional running costs for your car(3). A parking zone that allows you to park outside your own house every day might even save you money.

(1) Source: Numbeo: Nov 2017 cost of living table for Brighton
The average cost of a cappuccino coffee in Brighton is £2-48 / cup.


(2) The Daily Mail in hard copy costs 65p / day.


(3) Source: AA running costs table for 2014
Assuming your car is worth £20,000 and you drive 20,000 miles / year and you are travelling at 20mph when you are search for a parking space, 3 minutes driving time equates to 1 mile, costing 36.52p. More expensive cars and cars with lower annual mileages will cost more.

We have spoken to the Council about access to permits. If a parking scheme is designated, the first round of permit offers will be made to residents who apply on the basis of one permit per household. However, with the exception of highly congested zones in central Brighton, once the first round permits are granted, there will still be a significant excess of parking space supply over demand from householders for permits. Subsequent application rounds typically enable all householders' needs for a second or subsequent permit to be met. 

See our next FAQ for guidance on drives and garages.

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