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Write to our Councillors

The priority remains to write to the Councillors who make decisions about roads and parking on the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee​:

Click the links above to create an email addressed to each Councillor.  When writing to the Committee leadership group, please recognise that the Committee Chair and Deputy came into office post May 2019. Their committee committed to support a consultation in 2020 and they were not responsible for decisions taken between 2015 and 2018.

You can also write to our local Councillors by clicking these links:

When writing to our Ward Councillors, please recognise that the entire Ward Team are in their first term: elected in May 2019. They committed to support a consultation in 2020 and were not responsible for decisions taken under former administrations.


Councillor Lee Wares for the Conservative Group and Councillor Littman for the Greens supported us in the Committee before May 2019 and we acknowledge their help.

If you want help drafting a letter to Councillors, there's a draft letter here that you can use. It's in Microsoft Word (.docx) and should be compatible with a wide range of word processing software.

 Letter to the Councillors


  • Surrenden Area Parking Campaign
  • Surrenden Area Parking Campaign
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